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Day 289: Chez Angelina

We all could do with a little treat every so often. For some reason, I seem to fixate on the idea for a cuppa white hot chocolate at Angelina and even managed to convince Liting to come along with me. However, as we got there by about 5pm (prime hour for pastry and hot chocolate), the queue isn’t inconsiderable.

Patiently did we wait for our turn. In between, we people-watched and stole a few (creative) shots. I particularly like this one, which I had all but a small window of opportunity to photograph. Sure I wish this is a sharper shoot, but the slight blur and imperfection are, in my opinion, the elements that made this image works. What say you?

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  1. leviacarmina says:

    I really like your photo and I think the slight blur better renders the reflection of the girl. Her figure seems more proeminent this way.
    Did you have a nice cup of hot chocolate there ?

    • Lil says:

      thank you. and yes, i did have a nice cuppa, but of traditional hot chocolate. they were out of the white, bummer.

      on the bright side, a good excuse to go back soon ;)

  2. m3d says:

    yea…like some optical illusion thingy

  3. Andrew Liew says:

    Why do you need to convince Liting to go? Isn’t she a big fan of “things that can fill the tummy”?

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