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Day 365: NYE Dublin

This is it, another day, another year done. I’m ringing in the new year in Dublin with my friends (we’re heading out for dinner at my favourite restaurant in town – One Pico) but will be back in Paris in the morning on new year’s day. Such is the life of a wannabe-jetsetter, you know ;)

With the curtain call to 2011, it also marks the end of the current Project 365. How fun it has been, with occasional days of frustration when I didn’t think I had a good enough shot, or the days when I was feeling a tad tired or too bummed out to go on a photowalk (usually due to awful weather outside); overall though, I had loved this project. It certainly encouraged me to be more of an explorer of places, and I find myself trained to notice little things here and there.

I will miss this project, but I’ve decided in 2012, I’m going to blog differently. Or maybe not. Just more like regular blogging instead of pushing for daily posts. I have a few things to consider yet, on the direction this blog should take. Regardless, I hope you have enjoyed the journey together with me, and I thank you for your support, which in turn motivates me to try to do better each time.

Happy New Year – Bonne Année – and see you on the other side ;)

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  1. Mo. says:

    thanks for the journey :) .. moar for 2012

  2. m3d says:

    wooohooo…u did it again lil…seriously hats off to u for pulling it off knowing u r ‘greedy’ with so many things

    nevertheless…thoroughly enjoyed all ur entries and i learn a few things on places, architecture, food etc….nice and thank you

    may 2012 be a great new year for all alright!!! cheers lil ;)

    • Lil says:

      that’s it for project 365 for the time being though. this year would be more subject-focused instead of short daily notes + photo. there should be more food, more museums, etc. or so i hope. it is a bit tricky with some places (e.g. certain museums, churches) nowadays not allowing photography.

  3. zarin says:

    Happy New Year Lil! and a BIG congrats on completing your Project 365!

    and while I’m here, I guess it’s not too early to wish you Happy Year of the Dragon :)

    • Lil says:

      thanks zarin and many happy returns to you too. i’m glad you enjoyed Project 365, and gosh, yes, CNY is not too far away! ;)

  4. Caitriona says:

    Happy New Year Lil and congrats on another epic 365 project! It will be so nice to have all these images and descriptions to look back on in the future!

    Lovely to see you in Dublin over Christmas and hopefully see you again soon.

    • Lil says:

      thanks caitriona! it was great seeing you over christmas, and enjoy your upcoming trip to US – say hi to nora et co and laurie for me :)

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