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Favourite pâtissiers of Paris

I have a few favourite pastry shops that I inevitably drop by far more often than I should. Or than my bank counsellor would advise. Given there are a good few other great pastry shops aorund town, I definitely must widen my horizon but the problem is, I normally try to not overindulge when it comes to sweets consumption. That leaves the times when I have visitors. Since they can’t eat their way around Paris by pastry only (or can they? hmmmm…) the options get whittle down too quickly and far too easily. It’s always back to the old favourites.

Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé should really gives me a carte de fidelité. I live far too conveniently between his only two shops (for now) that sell pastries in Paris, and this year’s continuous launch of macaron of the month had me popping in and out more times than I can count. Reality hits when I could tell the macarons apart nowadays without having to consult the little chart they give and I have an entire set of glasses courtesy of the émotions I’ve eaten… I know, I know, I should lay low on PH for a little while.

Sadaharu Aoki
Seduced by the marriage of Japanese flavours to French pastries, not to mention with branches near work and home, I also walk in to Aoki once every couple of months. They do give a card to collect points that’s redeemable against delicious goodies and I finally got round to applying for one this summer. I’m proud to announce while I am familiar with their products by now, I haven’t enough point to redeem anything. Yet. ;)

Jacques Genin
It is really the caramel that lures me across town to Haut Marais. Once there, I also like to sit in its salon du thé for thick, luscious hot chocolate and delicate pastries (the millefeuilles are assembled sur place) but my last trip to Jacques Genin was less than positive. Last week, I took my sisters-in-law and my niece there for a girls’ late afternoon tea and patiently waited for a table. I even warned them that 30-35 minutes queue was not unusual. Came the time and near our turn, 2 tables were freed and cleared at the same time (hurrah?), but only the couple in front of us got seated. We were left standing for another 15 minutes, all the time while swapping baby-carrying duty between us (we went out without the pram since metro stairs are not pram-friendly). Cherry on top? We got that second free table, waited a further 10 minutes and having to signal for someone to take our order, then they told us we needed to leave in 45 minutes because they were closing at 7pm. Ummm, o-kaaaaay. Apology was offered for the delay when we were paying but the goodwill has been eroded.

Pâtisserie des Rêves
We really chose well where we live because this lovely little shop is, once again, near home. Plenty of classics with a twist (have you seen their interpretation of éclairs?) along with some seasonal offerings. The only reason I can think of for not heading here more often is because unlike PH or Aoki, the shop is not on the route on my way home from work – I therefore can’t as easily go in for a small treat after work.

The tea room of Angelina is sumptuous and opulent, their bustling team of staff constantly on the move, nimbly serving the customers in quick turn-around possible without the customers leaving feeling harried. While my friends usually go for their classic hot chocolate to accompany equally rich pastries, I simply adore their white hot chocolate. A word of warning: hot chocolate + pastry = no dinner that evening. Yes, it is that filling.

There you go, the pâtissiers that I like best around town. There are others which I have been to once, but not yet as repeat customers. Some which stood out includes Café Pouchkine at Le Printemps and Pain de Sucre in Marais.

Now that we’re coming into the colder wintry period of the year, I do foresee more hot chocolate trips around town on the agenda. I will need to start compiling a list of places to test, and provided I don’t put on a couple too many inches in my hips, I shall endeavour to get back to you with a fresh new Parisian hot chocolate report in a couple of months.

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8 scribbles & notes

  1. Ann Mah says:

    For hot chocolate, my favorite is Jean-Paul Hévin — paired with the 100% sans grasses matières gâteau au fromage blanc!

  2. medca says:

    u sure that’s all lil? hehehe

  3. Selena says:

    yup, those Pierre Herme macarons are definitely yearningly to die for……

  4. sila says:

    i don’t see vin waiting 45 minutes for food.. :) no jacques genin for us when (if?) we get to paris

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