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Keeping up, you and I

I know I’ve been a pretty sporadic blogger for a few months now. A good deal of things happened, and there are so much that I really want to share with you, whether it be about Paris or elsewhere or something else altogether. So I’m working on catching up on the news right now, new and old. Yup, running parallel time lines. It is not easy to try to juggle it all, but slowly and surely I’ll get there.

It would be easy for me to just decide to forget about the last few months and get on from where I am right now, but I made the decision not to. Just bear with me for this couple of months while I get things sorted, and then we should be on smooth sailing. Yell at me then if I fail to stay disciplined ;)

In the mean time, I know it must not have been easy for you to keep track of my haphazard postings. One post I’m talking about the most current thing, and the next I’m back to something which happened in March (and back-dated as such too). Even I had to create a list so I can keep track myself of what I’ve managed to share and what else I need to write about!

A couple of ways you can follow this blog without missing any of the posts: (1) follow this blog on Google Reader, as it compiles the posts as they are published regardless of the date stated on the post; or (2) via the comment system of blog entries, tick “Notify me of new posts by email”. If you notice the lack of mention of RSS feed, that’s because it comes in the order of the dates of posts. I don’t think that’s going to be very helpful at all.

Thanks for sticking around – I really appreciate it!

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  1. Chloé says:

    the “notify me” option works very well for me! it’s super handy and means i can be as patient with you as you need ;) duly noted about the yelling though!

  2. Suneil says:

    !! The backdating explains the mysterious “why didn’t I see Lil posting this” phenomena I’ve noticed!
    I was beginning to think maybe I’m becoming forgetful (becoming old and such you know…).
    Well, thank you for clearing that one up :) Now to figure out how to sign up for your notify-me email. (I don’t tend to use google reader, because I seem to never go to that site).

    • Lil says:

      acck sorry for keeping you confused there for a while. and so a bonus to your effort, i’ve posted something today that’s back-dated to in between posts for october. ;)

      (now i hope the notification system works)

  3. Suneil says:

    Commenting just so that I can tick that box :P

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