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Project 365 – Week 2

This has been a tough week to be motivated to go out and play photographer. For the most part of the week, I was battling a horrible cold and cough (which includes a couple of “home arrest” days to try to get better) while staring out the window at what looked like the most dull weather for the longest time.

At the rate things are going, I may have to do something drastic, like buying new dresses and scarves in multiple bright colours? Anyway, without further ado, here are the photos of this week.

* * *

Galettes des rois

7 Jan: Truth be told – I completely forgot about Project 365 today, but by mere coincidence, I have one photo in my camera and two in my smartphone – all of the same thing: galette des rois. I’m sure you don’t need me to go into details as to why would I possibly want to take so many photos of galette des rois… Even then, my mind was not on task, thus capturing mere out of focus images. I was eager to put down the cameras and eat!

Firemen at Luxembourg Garden

8 Jan: A group of firemen can often be seen having their morning jog at Jardin du Luxembourg. What I hadn’t count on this morning when I tried to photograph this entertainment hut was for them to come behind me, headed towards the hut, and started doing stretching exercises. Awkward. So do I continue to shoot or not? Yes, of course!

Smoking chimney

9 Jan: Yet another dreary day. A blanket of fog descended the city and with the temperature dipping ever so slightly, the cold is felt. Enough for some household to start building fires, and for me to notice the smoke coming out of their chimneys. (Ok, I admit I was also bored from my “house arrest”.) Dear whomever controlling the weather – some sunshine, pretty please?

Eiffel Tower in the fog

10 Jan: Nope, no sun, just more fog – enough to “decapitate” the Tour Eiffel! I’m also beginning to notice that the colour scheme of the photos taken thus far for this week have been saddled with depressing shades of grey. However, according to forecast, a change is in the horizon. There may be snow next week for a couple of days, and that would make things a wee bit more interesting than what we have right now. Bring it on!


11 Jan: My colleagues and I decided to go out for lunch at a restaurant today and en route, lo and behold, a new bagel restaurant. Or so I’m deducing since there are no sign outside with name yet! They have a good selection of bagels available and, from what I can peek from the window, bagel sandwiches seem to run between €5-6 each. Chloé would be delighted to know of such place – it’s near the junction between rue Monsieur le Prince and rue de Vaugirard, to the side of boulevard St Michel ;)

Police vehicles

12 Jan: There are a lot of police cars and vans parked here, at the back of the École Militaire, between the Unesco and a post office. What’s up with this? Is this a typical parking spot for them, or is this part of the preparation for Sunday’s demonstration where tens of thousands of protestors would be taking to the street against marriage for all? (Confirmation: a quick check reveals the protestors would be making their ways to the Champ de Mars)

Protest against same-sex marriage

13 Jan: Three separate cortèges marched the streets of Paris against same-sex marriage to converge at Champs de Mars, and the colour scheme of the day was pink, white and baby blue. I am simply saddened by this divide, and couldn’t help but wonder: why do love, marriage, family and religion have to be mutually exclusive for some but not the others? I have yet to find someone who could convincingly argued how homosexual relationships pose a great threat to the marriage institution and therefore family structure. I also struggle to understand how is it selfish for homosexual couples to want children, via surrogacy or adoption, because isn’t that the same for heterosexual couples too?

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10 scribbles & notes

  1. Chloé says:

    Ooooooh bagels! To think I once walked past that shop everyday at some point. Guess it was a good thing the shop itself hadn’t opened yet?

    • Lil says:

      but now it is… i’d like to try it at some point. when are you in the neighbourhood next? ;)

    • Chloé says:

      well… wednesday and thursday but i’m alreayd booked for dinner both times :P
      i can come over anytime though, no need to be in the area beforehand. what time do they close though?

    • Lil says:

      hmmm good question. i’ll try to pass by sometimes and check.

  2. med says:

    niceeeeee…me under house arrest too so this is a nice entry for me to ‘venture out’ hehehe..TQs

    ooooo bagelsssss…hungry hoohoo

  3. k_sam says:

    I wonder if we don’t live that far from each other? We aren’t that far from Montparnasse and have a lot of neighborhood views of the Eiffel Tower as well.

    • Lil says:

      i wonder too. i think you’re a bit to the south from us (i’m just on the other side of the boulevard). maybe we could meet for coffee someday – when you’re not away, that is ;)

    • k_sam says:

      Ohh, so you’re on the “cool” side of the boulevard. ;) I would love to meet for coffee – I’m around all next week (for once!) – could do somewhere around Montparnasse if that works?

    • Lil says:

      lol… more like “old skool” than “cool” and yes coffee nearby would be great! i’ll send you an email tomorrow since i’m pretty beat now (up at 6.15am, and it’s nearly midnight…)

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