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Project 365 – Week 6

It has been a strange kind of week, which I couldn’t quite put my fingers on. The days rolled by quickly and yet everything felt stretched out in time. And weekend, well, it just disappeared. Maybe that’s a sign I’ve spent way too much time on the phone (well, plenty of calls to be made to family to send my Chinese New Year greetings) and watching rugby (nail-biting, and ultimately disappointed that both France and Ireland fared poorly)?

* * *

Miniature orchestra

4 Feb: Just how cute is this set of window display? It is a miniature orchestra set, most of the items smaller than my palm! The shop itself is one selling actual size musical instruments, mainly string instruments. Jean Pavie – Luthier can be found on Quai de la Tournelle, and this shop itself has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Creating is a work of art here, and there aren’t many of them around anymore nowadays.

Cafe in Paris

5 Feb: This shop front stopped me right in my track alright. I admit it, I cringed a little. Nonetheless this sandwicherie must be doing reasonably well, to have two shops within walking distance to one another, on parallel streets at that too. The prices are very much on the affordable side, probably catering a lot to the students of the high schools nearby.

Sainte Chapelle

6 Feb: I was on a paperwork mission today but got a big fat fail when I went to the TGI, trying to get my PACS certificate. It seems I need to go to a different address in the 19th arrondissement. Still, entering the complex of Palais de Justice meant I had a little time to circle around the outside of the Sainte Chapelle, which is currently undergoing some cleaning and restoration. It is wonderful to see parts that are now soot-free and light/pale in tone. Can’t wait for it to be finished!

Notre Dame by night

7 Feb: It is just that wee bit more tricky now to take photos of the Notre Dame from the west end portal. A large stage with tiered-seating area has been built in conjunction with its 850th anniversary festivities, taking up the space that’s normally the parvis of the Notre Dame. A series of events have been scheduled, including free concerts, exceptional exhibitions, and just last week, nine new bells were escorted to the cathedral for installation. It will a majestic year for “Our Lady of Paris”.

Poster advertising camembert

8 Feb: I am undecided if this poster creeps me out or makes me want to buy camembert. A mixture of both I guess, since it made me curious enough to cross the road. However, when I peeked into the shop, the queue was long and I decided to come back another time. Afterall, I also have a short list of a couple other cheeses that I’d like to try, so it makes sense to come back with the list and pick up the goodies at the same time.

Come in

9 Feb: For all the talk of anti-English language sentiment in France, I’ve lately noticed more and more signage that are actually in English. We’re not even talking about major shopping hotspots but small streets that tourists are unlikely to stroll by randomly, with perhaps notable exception those who have rented an apartment nearby during their trip. However, if the kerfuffle about mot-dièse in recent days is anything to go by, we are nowhere close to reconciling this love-hate relationship that ultimately meshed together into Franglais!

Golden dragon

10 Feb: Ah, that one time of the year when I actually get homesick. Nonetheless, I had a couple of little things planned so to enjoy the festivities like everyone else at home. Apart from a dinner together with a group of friend, Alex and I also went out to catch the Chinese New Year parade in the Marais, in the snow! We salute the participants who braved the cold to perform and to entertain over a period of nearly 3 hours – there were no less than 3 dragons, a couple of pairs of lions and even a pantheon of deities! Not quite so courageous ourselves to stay out for too long, we headed over to Pozzetto for some afogato and coffee. Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year everyone!

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  1. medca says:

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi lil and….hmmm…white CNY kekekek ;)

    the miniatures pic sure look detailed ne

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