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Project 365 – Week 8

This winter has been the bane of my health and I am really tired of it. It seems I’m falling ill nearly every month, and this week has been the worse yet. The irony is that I’ve had a restful week last week and was preparing for a solid week of work and planning etc, only to be thwarted suddenly by a crippling flu. I had to stay put for a couple of days at home. Boo.

* * *

Cherry blossom

18 Feb: Seeing cherry blossoms makes me happy. It just does, and I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s the imminent arrival of spring (never mind that the weather forecast for the rest of the week would be coooooold). Maybe it’s the wispy splash of soft pink. Maybe it’s its association with Chinese New Year. Maybe it’s the reminder of the beautiful view I used to get from my studio in Cité U.

Top floor

19 Feb: Normally, top floor of a building is rather coveted for its view, its distance away from the traffic and its sense of privacy, away from prying eyes of passerby. However, in Paris, it could also quite easily translate into small rooms that used to be meant for house servants and maids to live in. Today, they are picks of students and anyone else under budgetary/financial constraints. Great view aside, one may have half the apartment under the slope of the roof, toilet outside the room (and shared with a few others) and lack of lift that comes all the way up. Good? Bad?

Couples chairs

20 Feb: There are chairs and there are chairs. I was pleasantly surprised to see these that are already meant for a couple in the first place! That’s something new to me. On the other hand, is this getting too far? Can we not exist as loving couples that are not co-dependent on one another to even merit one’s own chair anymore? (Or am I simply not a soul that understands such a need?)

Chocolate goodies

21 Feb: Home-bound, day 1, so I’m bringing you a photo taken a good few days ago instead. There’s a bagel place not far from where I live, and oh how they tempt everyone with their display of cakes and goodies at the window. Not only that, I also found out that they sell A&W Root Beer! Only a sucker like me would pay just under €3 for such a can…

Exotic fruits

22 Feb: Home-bound, day 2, so let’s continue with the food photos. This was shot also a mere few days ago, at our local Monoprix. They are pricey enough though, effectively stopping me from wanting to buy them. Besides, they have been induced-ripened rather than left-on-tree-to-ripen variety so taste wise, they could never compete with the real deal I get each time I return to Malaysia.

House in Pénestin

23 Feb: One moment it was sunny, the next the sky turned grey and snow started to fall. We had an idea to explore Pénestin and its environs but found ourself driving by one sleepy village after another, with pretty much everything shut. I tried very hard to wrap my head around this concept of winter hibernation, having been used to living in cities where everything’s go, go, go! Still, as you can see, it was not without its charm. ;)

Sea view

24 Feb: Visiting my belle-famille has always been a pleasure. Not only it makes a good escape from the city, we have a beautiful view of the sea directly from their house. It is such an indulgent to wake up in the morning after a good (silent) night sleep to soothing and gentle lapping of the water. Along the coastline there are long walks we could take, just perfect to work off the good, hearty meals that we always get.

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4 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    hmmm….back here we have couple seat in the cinemaplexes…they are always the last row at the back heheheh

    wow…3 euro for a can of root beer eh….must not convert hoohoo

    thailand n vietnam…not frm back home…rejected hehe ;)

    • Lil says:

      i heard there are new cinema seats like this in a couple of cinemas in paris now. so-called vip seating. not sure i agree with something like this, hmm…

      anything not from back home, often reject :p but it’s not really the fault of the product origin, more like they’ve been picked off the trees for transport and therefore the process of fruit ripening is unnatural, resulting in bland fruits. why should i pay an arm and a leg for something inferior?

  2. LOVE the sky shot of the chambre de bonne! We live on the top floor (although in an 1810 building, not an Haussmannian from the turn of the century). Though the walk up is good for the old bottom, it’s tricky carrying a toddler up 4 flights when he refuses to walk or is napping. That said, we also get light with all of our skylights!

    • Lil says:

      i secretly dream of living on a top floor to get great views of the city but i certainly can’t complain re the amount of natural light we are getting in our apt ;) and indeed, that is a free stairmaster already you’ve got there!

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