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Project 365 – Week 10

This has been a week of small victories. Getting my carte vitale, progressing positively with my project at work, celebrating the anniversary of my move to Paris, semi-plotting meet-ups with friends who live elsewhere (including Malaysia and Australia!) and pencilling in diary the dates to host them. I love it when things run smoothly. Only one big last administration hurdle for the year looms big – I’m heading to the Préfécture in a few days. Fingers crossed, all will be well.

* * *

Walking down spiral stairs

4 Mar: One of the busiest day yet. It really was home -> work -> home kind of day, without any time for detour. Luckily F offered to cook dinner and deal with all the washing up. And so you are stucked with a photo from Sunday actually. We took advantage of the free monument visit Sunday and went to the Arc de Triomphe. On our way down, I couldn’t resist taking a pause to grab a couple of photos. Since it was relatively dark, I needed longer exposure time, resulting in the ghost-like moving feet as other visitors walked past me to descend the monument.


5 Mar: Someone has been cheeky. The clocks on the junction of boulevard St Michel and rue Gay-Lussac have been altered. Two of the three clocks are displaying the right time for Paris, but the third is trailing some 4 hours in difference, making it accurate time-keeping for, err, Brazil? This time adjustment has been in place for a couple of weeks now and nobody seems to care to change it back.


6 Mar: I am cooking a lot more dishes of Asian origin nowadays. Perhaps it’s because I don’t live all that close to my aunt anymore. I used to be able to visit her easily each time I had Asian food craving and put in my special requests. Therefore, until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know what raw yam looks like. I always had this impression that it’s purple, but those that I get here are rather pale with purple streaks instead. Fascinating…

Street performers

7 Mar: While at work today, we suddenly heard loud music outside. We peered out and saw a group of five to six people, performing a few numbers of song as they slowly strolled down the street. Two were pushing some sort of cart with musical box, singing loudly as they went along. They were all wearing a vest saying “La vie, on a ça dans le sang“. Perhaps they were raising awareness for the blood donation drive at that time being held at the Mairie of the 5th arrondissement?

Institut de France

8 Mar: From time to time, F and I like to take night-time stroll along the River Seine. After we came out from the cinema to a rather mild and balmy evening, we did just that, making our way from Odéon towards the quay via rue Mazarine. As we approached the back of the Institut de France, the colour overhead caught my attention. If only I have a tripod or some other way to steady myself better, then I would have been able to shoot something more crisp and clear photo.

Dancing girls

9 Mar: It was an exceptionally sunny day in Paris – just the right weather to be out and about. We took the Velib’ to Parc André Citroën for a change, instead of going for a walk at Jardin du Luxembourg which is our norm, and we stumbled upon this trio of dancers, having their moves filmed by a friend. They certainly garnered a lot of attention with their routine, ours included. Not sure why though, in my head, I started humming songs by Destiny’s Child!

Croissant Ispahan

10 Mar: Morning date makes such a nice change from the routine. We were at the cinema before 11am and en route, we stopped by Pierre Hermé to pick up a couple of small treats that were promised for my Pariversary. A croissant Ispahan as well as a couple of macarons – this month’s special Jardin du Maquis and our all time favourite caramel – were devoured on a bench next to the Fontaine St Sulpice. What a sweet and delicious way to start the day ;)

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6 scribbles & notes

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the photo of the dancers, also the photo of the stairs is so dynamic.

    • Lil says:

      it was fun to see them in action, and to be jealous at the same time at their talents. as for the stairs, i was very lucky there were lots of people going up and down that day (different set of stairs of course) so i could wait out till some people were passing me and hope my hands stayed as still as possible for a clean shot with blurred movements :)

  2. That stair shot is phenomenal!

  3. med says:

    yeah…like a nautilus shot hehehe ;) and that’s scary looking night sky

    so what’s up at the Préfécture?

    • Lil says:

      Residency visa renewal! And actually I was wrong that this is my last main administrative hurdle. F has just reminded me that I may have another one or two coming up soon…

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