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Project 365 – Week 9

Another gear has kicked in at work and the next two months will be full-throttle busy. I’m not yet sure how it will affect this project, but don’t be surprised if the photos are shot mostly between places I pass between home and lab instead of other Parisian neighbourhoods. The blame for lack of leisure reading now sits squarely on work too. I’m doing so much project-related reading that I have little wish to read more while at home…

* * *

Paris snowy rooftop

25 Feb: It snowed overnight so first thing I did upon arriving at work this morning was to head straight for the top floor of the building. As it was still snowing at that time, the view was not as crisp and clear as I’d like. You could just about make out where the Eiffel Tower and the dome of the Invalides are in the shot. Oh how I wish I have an office on this floor of the building…

Gérard Mulot

26 Feb: It has been a while since I paid Gérard Mulot a visit but whenever I was near there in the past few months, it tended to be late and the shop has closed for the day. It seems Mulot is currently still sporting a Valentine-themed window, but given March is looming, this probably won’t be in place for too much longer. Anyway, I must return during the day soon and pick up a few delicious goodies.


27 Feb: The main post office in Paris is situated on rue du Louvre, and it is open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. In another word, it never shuts. It matters not if it’s 9.44am or 9.44pm, it’s business as usual. I remember using this branch years ago when I was an undergrad. I was in Paris during my spring break but I have assignment to hand in in Dublin! I ended up posting it late one night as soon as I finished my assignment, only to have my TA/demonstrator told me later on that he wouldn’t have minded if I handed it in when I returned.

Street art of dragon

28 Feb: Keeping one’s eyes peeled in Paris can be a very rewarding exercise. There are just so many little quirks here and there to change one’s perception of the city, and it is in most unexpected places that it has the ability to surprise. Passing by a school (if I recalled correctly) in the 14th arrondissement, see what greeted me when I crossed the road? A dragon!


1 Mar: The Panthéon dominates the skyline of the Latin Quarter, and I see it pretty much on a daily basis. Today’s picture has been photographed from the Luxembourg Garden, when I crossed the garden from the western entrance towards the eastern point. The trees are still bare for the season, but there are signs of spring arriving throughout the garden in the form of tender blooms. Bring on the springtime, I say!

Fontaine St Sulpice

2 Mar: I have come to think of Place St Sulpice at the principal square of the 6th arrondissement. Perhaps it is due to the presence of the mairie of the arrondissement on the square, shown here as building lit with the tricolour of French flag. Perhaps it is the Fontaine St Sulpice, also know as Fountain of the Four Bishops, thanks to the statues of four influential bishops from the 17th century. Perhaps it is St Sulpice – the second largest church of Paris – itself, which is now well known internationally thanks to mentions by certain bestselling fictional author.


3 Mar: Thanks to free tickets from Jennifer, a visit to the Salon de l’Agriculture was in order. While F was not entirely wrong when he joked that it’s a place for Parisians to get to know farm animals, I too had pre-conception that this is a trade show meant for farmers. But there are so much more! Specifically, there are lots of (artisanal) food! Produce including wines, cheeses, charcuteries, jams, honey etc were on sale, having been brought from all over France and some foreign countries too. This “wall” of honey totally had stopped me in my track. Just how beautiful is it? (I bought hibiscus drink, jams, cheeses and wines and burnt a small hole in my pocket.)

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6 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    and yet you still managed to put up this entry lil hehehe

    ur 1st photo somehow look so surreal..must be the reflection and colours…niceeeee

    24 hours post office?!?! hooohoo…lovely B&W shot

    but no honey bought?!! ;)

    • Lil says:

      just about ;)

      i must say i like that first photo myself, just wishing it’s “clearer” to see structures in the background. as it is, you can just about make out eiffel tower and les invalides, but arc de triomphe is missing.

      hehehe, no honey bought, as i have just ordered some which comes bee hives from the rooftop of my very own institute!

  2. med says:

    wow….talk about pure natural honey heheheh ;)

    • Lil says:

      funny thing is, i hardly ever notice bees in the city. and somehow they managed to produce some delicious honey.

  3. med says:

    wonders of mother nature lil :)

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