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Project 365 – Week 19

There’s a change in the pace of my personal life this week, and instead of slowing it down a notch to catch a breather, it got cranked up to include reasonable amount of travelling for a couple of weeks. We just came back from the region of Lorraine where we attended a wedding over the long weekend, just to unpack and repack today for a week in Ireland. All these travelling is going to test my resolution when it comes to this blog’s schedule – I have opted not to travel with a laptop and I’m not normally someone who plans post(s) in advance either. Guess I will have to learn the how-to now, stat!

* * *

Parisian terrace

6 May: It is May but the sunshine pretty much comes and goes, its level measurable by the amount of people sitting at the cafe terraces for a drink or two. On a good day, it could be a real challenge scoring a table from an already tightly packed terrace, never mind the best effort afterwards not to wince when presented with the bill that appears to have packed in also a cost for the beaming sunlight onto your table. Often (just often, not all the time), it’s worth it though.

Tulips in Luxembourg Gardens

7 May: Finally, I am getting some time to really smell the, errr, tulips – too early in the season yet for roses. Not that I usually don’t take a pause, mind, but there are also usually other little thoughts and concerns that run through my head at the same time. To be able to switch something off is quite a luxury, one that I don’t always get. I am definitely going to make the most of the new few months to come!

The blue hour

8 May: The first day of the long weekend of 5 days (provided one is doing le pont on Friday) is a relatively quiet one in Paris, considering many shops are closed and Parisians with children on school holidays are still away from the city. However, at the River Seine that’s threatening to flood its banks once again, the Pont des Arts is ever popular and busy with picnicking groups and tourists alike. Just a few steps away, the Institut de France makes a fantastic picture during the blue hour, n’est-ce pas?

Sunset at the Louvre

9 May: We happened to be at dinner in a brasserie on rue St Honoré this evening and thought it would be a real shame not to walk over to the Louvre and take in the sunset from there. We were rewarded with beautiful and sultry colours in the sky, and lights reflected back by the pyramid of IM Pei. How could anyone who witness this in Paris not think the city as magical? We certainly feel the tingles!

A street in Nancy

10 May: I had not noticed too much street art in Nancy per se, but I did come across a couple of trompe-l’œil, one of them on this wall just running parallel to the Mairie. Kissing lovers, man leaving to go to work – just a typical day in a French life, you know. Dashing mother with her children, I call this a merge between life and art to show the day-to-day. More on the weekend travel to Lorraine in separate posts later.

Baroque church interior

11 May: Grosbliederstroff is the name of the small French town bordering the German town of Kleinblittersdorf, separated by river Saar, and it was our destination for a family wedding. F’s cousin got married in this richly-decorated Baroque church and yet during the service, I could not helped being distracted by the flanking statue that holds a bunch of herbs in one hand and what appeared to be a secateur on the other hand? What an unusual item to be included as part of the icon, since I’m pretty sure they don’t have one a couple of millennia ago…

Technology-based street art

12 May: There are street arts, and there are street arts. This cluster of “bricks” accidentally spotted in Metz when F stopped to tie his shoe lace is certainly special. Do you recall these objects or are they not even something featured in your life time? How technology had moved us forward in an unprecedented rate that even an older generation of iPhone is now an artefact of the time. And out of these 7 items, I’ve only owned 2 of them previously – the calculator and the camera. I’m not very trendy when it comes to mobile phone and games console, obviously.

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4 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    beautiful tulips and i think somehow any shots with the louvre in it is pretty…or maybe thats just u heheheh

    happy trip back to ireland and the blog can take a rest alright ;) update us when u r back!

    • Lil says:

      Hehehe, perhaps, but there are also many beautiful spots in the City of Light! And I still have so many places to explore :D

      (And thanks, updates to come)

  2. Sarah says:

    Lovely tulips! Great spring photograph!

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