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Project 365 – Week 41

It is somewhat disorientating to be back in Paris when I’m still in semi-Asian mode. You know, like wanting to eat noodles or nasi lemak first thing in the morning, craving for dim sum in the afternoon, longing for late-night supper, lamenting the lack of time to play more with my niece and my nephew, missing my family in general… Poor F had had an overdose of Asian food though (my family was feeding him ALL the time) and had decreed that we would be eating European fare for the coming weeks.

* * *

Happy Hours

7 Oct: Many bars around Paris have some kind of happy hours offer nowadays, but sadly, not at my favourite cocktail hangout… and sometimes, I wish happy hours in Paris can be more like the happy hours in I used to enjoy in Milan. Strictly speaking, it’s not happy hours per se, but l’aperitivo, the time for a pre-dinner drink. Traditionally a good selection of snacks/food are also available and usually included in the price of the drink. Classic options include olives, chips, pizza and pasta but some upscale places would even serve fruits, antipasti, savoury pastries and more!

Masculine exhibition

8 Oct: Now here’s an exhibition that gets people talking – a collection of male nudes! – and the poster certainly has been attractive and enticing. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to the hype and while there are some good pieces of paintings, sculptures and photography, these are in the minority. The exhibition lacks coherence from one room to another (I guess the unifying theme is just male nudity) and there isn’t any interesting timeline in evolvement of works or sub-categorisation of any kind. It’s unusual for me to say something like this, but this exhibition certainly could be organised better. A lot better.

Apartment block

9 Oct: Central Paris has certain very specific architecture that everyone seems to love, but in certain neighbouring quarters, still within Paris and not at the suburb, there are more modern buildings that are devoid of carved pillars, decorated sculptures and garlands, and ornated doors. To give buildings like these a bit more character, the use of colours appears to be one of the more popular option. I do think this cheers things up a little, not to mention being a reminder that Paris may be a certain ideal to many but it is also an ever-evolving city.


10 Oct: I have just been reminded yet once again that we’re slowly coming into winter. Apart from the noticeably lower daily temperature (perhaps I’m feeling it more given the three weeks holiday near the equator) today, I caught the sun starting to set at around 6.30pm or so. A month ago, it would have been closer to 7.30pm. In another month, we will be experiencing night by 5.30pm. I can’t say I am looking forward to the short, grey winter days, but it does come with some perks, like more excuses for hot noodle soups and thick chocolate beverages.


11 Oct: It has been a while since I went to Angelina. Afterall, while they have lovely pastries, that’s not my primary reason to visit its tea salon. Instead, it is their exquisite hot chocolate that I am looking for. More specifically, their white hot chocolate. I know, this is not their signature hot chocolate but given how rare it is to find white hot chocolate in this city, Angelina becomes my go-to place for the creamy cuppa. Sadly they’re not always available though, so luck does play a part in each of my visit.


12 Oct: It is not particularly obvious from this picture that this is a lighting for a spiral staircase – in fact, one of the set of stairs within the Grand Palais. The sculpted bend of the light casing caught my attention immediately, and I knew I could not leave without photographing it. As to what we were doing in the Grand Palais: F and I have popped over today to catch one of their current temporary exhibitions which focused on Felix Vallotton. Quite an interesting collection, curated based on themes rather than timeline of their productions.(And yes, much better layout in comparison to Masculin/Masculin.)

Wine shop

13 Oct: I am still pondering how is finding a wine match akin to Juliet finding her Romeo. Why not Romeo finding his Juliet? Besides, as strong as their love and passion for one another, they did not have a happy ending. Does this mean finding a good bottle of wine may also get you so hammered that you’ll end up with a crippling hangover the next day, thus the veiled promise of an unhappy ending?

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    by now u should be full european mode kekeke ;)

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