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Project 365 – Week 51

You know what I’m missing this week? Rushing around to grab last minute presents – I’m impressed with my own efficiency in getting all shopping done and delivered – and packing to travel to Ireland come Friday. Otherwise, instead of the cheese, you’d see flutes of pink champagne in the Shelbourne; instead of The Parisianer artworks, you’d see street lightings displaying Nollaig Shona Duit; instead of the kouglof, you’d probably see slices of Bailey’s cheesecake. Nonetheless, exciting time ahead: my very first French Christmas coming right up!

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16 Dec: What a glorious sunset! F was off work today, so we went on a little date in Montmartre. The last time he came up here with me was when we photographed a very snowy Sunday morning in January. We didn’t do too much, just strolling in the neighbourhood, visiting the Sacré-Coeur, peeked about the Christmas market, and then watched the sun set over the City of Light. It sure makes a memorable outing.

Shop window

17 Dec: One of the few non-Christmassy windows I came across today, perhaps because the focus is on ethnic fashion and accessories. I am fascinated by unusual accessories like this, but I never buy one either. It somehow feels like this is only appropriate to go with some kind of traditional costume, or some dresses with truly exotic flair. And/Or an elegant black dress. Clearly not your average jewellery piece in any case.


18 Dec: One of the things I love about Paris is the street markets, regularly moved between a number of locations around time. At any specific spot, a market usually springs into existence 3-4 times a week, and after the market closes for the day, usually around 2pm, the cleaning crew comes along and without fanfare, the rows of stall set-ups get dismantled and be transported to another location, where another market is due to be set in time for operation the following morning.

Christmas wreath

19 Dec: Commonly seen Christmas wreaths come in circular shape, so to see one of heart shape brings a collective “awwww” in my head. Spreading not only seasonal cheers but also warm thoughts filled with love, this wreath is a little sparse when it comes to (green) leaves but the “iced” berries make up for the minimalist manner the wreath is made. The circular background snowy spray, however, is a bit out of place – could definitely do without.


20 Dec: We have been eating a lot of cheeses, and of course there are still tons more to be savoured. One of my favourites though is comté, of which in my humble opinion, the older it is, the better it tastes. I tend to buy 24 or 30 months comté if I can get my hands on them, because I simply couldn’t get enough of the caramelised sweetness along with a particular nuttiness. The younger comté lacks just the complex bite that I look forward to devour.

Eiffel Tower art

21 Dec: A short 3-days exhibition in the Galerie de la Cité internationale des arts entitled The Parisianer tried to capture Paris in the manner that is synonymous to that of The New Yorker magazine covers. 100 illustrations had been created by 100 artists to showcase their vision of the city, its people, its culture, its landmarks. It is quite a success, and the exclusive coffee table book that compiled all these illustrations were sold like hot cakes – there were none left to be purchased even by the earliest visitors of Day 2 of the exhibition.


22 Dec: We buy a lot of pastries from Pierre Hermé, occasionally chocolate, but rarely the viennoiseries. This is the only way to explain our late discovery of the delectable kouglof displayed side by side the Ispahan croissant, which I had bought on a number of occassions. Best bought and eaten on the same day, it has become a snack that I’m becoming addicted to. Someone please keep me away from their stores!

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    2 photos on food and both i like…good hehehehe ;)

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