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Project 365: Week 2 – Bordélique

This week has been completely bordélique and I have pretty much abandoned a whole bunch of things aside to concentrate on the move (although not before completing another MOOC). Packing up our lives after two very comfortable years while accumulating more things than ever was a lot of work, and cleaning up two apartments added to the load too. It appears the previous tenant to our new apartment doesn’t understand the concept of hygiene and cleanliness…

* * *


6 Jan: I guess packing could be a whole lot easier had I not been obsessively keen on keeping every single brochure, map, ticket and whats not from our travel. I’ve been meaning to sort them out and save only the most “important” ones in a travel scrapbook, but clearly I’ve been procrastinating… I won’t have time to go through them now but I will definitely get working on the scrapbook as I unpack, so nothing beyond the necessary will stay in the new apartment.

Window decoration

7 Jan: A bar in our new neighbourhood has been partly used as a space for clothes and toy collection for children in Syria and spread some Christmas cheer. I like the explosion of colours in their windows even if the decoration was done somewhat haphazardly, immediately catching my attention to the cause at hand, which I wouldn’t otherwise since the locale is, well, a bar. Note to self: keep an eye out on their future donation drive and see if there’s something we could do too.

Dusty corner

8 Jan: Just how “lovely” is the top of the lighting panel in our new bathroom? I’ve been scrubbing down the new apartment, and other than obvious areas, there are many nooks and corners for dust bunnies to multiply. I was beginning to wonder if the previous tenant actually ever cleaned the apartment… During the walk-through, I asked her if the vacuum cleaner works, and she proceeded to show me that it made the right noise etc. Truth is, I couldn’t get anything properly vacuumed at all, since the dust fell back right out, no thanks to the very poor suction!


9 Jan: First thing first, this drawing is adorable and so it is a gift I treasure. The mess, however, was entirely my fault, for introducing water splashes to the drawing. I feel a little bad for not looking after it properly. It may not have a vast monetary value but the sentiment behind it matters to me. It has now been taken down, packed with a folder of papers, ready to be put up again on the fridge’s door after the move. Must be more careful to not add more water droplets and smear the drawing further.


10 Jan: This was one very big wheel of cheese – cantal, by the way – but the poor thing had been butchered in manners that would (perhaps?) horrify a cheesemonger. On the other hand, given the haphazard manner by which the slices were carved out, they were served in a more rustic manner, which could also be interpreted as being somewhat charming. I do wonder, if I find this endearing, does it mean I’m turning into a hipster?


11 Jan: M-Day! We have waaaay more things than expected, so when we ran out of suitcases and moving boxes to use (with no time to get more), we started using a bunch of other durable shopping bags and the likes as fall-back options. I am forever grateful that we’ve booked for a mover with a van to transport our things, and that we have lovely friends that got called in last minute to give us some helping hands. What you see in this picture is just a tip of the iceberg!

Traffic junction

12 Jan: Ah, people living in this city are not particularly known for their patience, and the disorders show at traffic junctions: drivers who park as they wish, even right up to the pedestrian crossing and blocking the views; drivers who block the pedestrian crossing altogether instead of stopping behind the lines; pedestrians who inch closer and closer to the driving path instead of footpath to “gain” a couple of extra seconds to cross when the little man turns green… Let’s not even get started with motorbikers and cyclists who have the tendency to continue on despite it being the pedestrian’s turn to go!

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  1. med says:

    The week at your new place ;) yeay!

  2. sila says:

    time for a new dyson! :-) yay to move being done!

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