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Project 365: Week 5 – Écarlate

When the word écarlate was picked, I thought photographing this should be relatively straight-forward. Not quite so. To try to differentiate scarlet from all the different shades of red is far more challenging than I’ve prepared for, so much so that I think renaming this week’s theme as red would be more appropriate. Well, enjoy “scarlet” ;)

* * *

Swatch watch

27 Jan: Some of my friends would be surprised to hear that it has been a while since I ventured into any Swatch shop. It is for my own good, considering I have hard time resisting picking up a new one every so often to add to my collection. While I don’t have as many to rotate for every day for a month (yet?), it is a tad excessive to own quite so many watches – am thinking I should donate some away.

Cafe terrace

28 Jan: This is how you know it’s chilly out – many cafe terraces are being abandoned for the indoor warmth. Some terraces are heated and/or supplied with blankets so the customers can stay snuggly warm, but those that are simply opened to the elements, well, they cater to – *very* general observation at work here! – two groups of clientele: visitors trying to live the Parisian cafe terrace moment, and the smokers.


29 Jan: I am not a fan of the so-called love locks on Parisian bridges and the situation has just got crazier to an epic level. Pont de l’Archevêché has locks on locks in multiple layers deep (it upsets me too much to even take a photo) and the bridge is seriously cracking under the weight (yes, cracks can be seen on the barrier beam!). Pont des Arts is not faring better, and now it seems even headphone makes the cut when a lock is not available? /LESIGH

Coffee cups

30 Jan: I was this close to buying this set of espresso – or to the French, coffee – cups, but given we don’t drink coffee at home nor owning coffee machine, it really doesn’t make sense to. Just that, it’s an adorable set, each cup marked by number given the stripe count, making them different yet hailed from the same stylish set. I also think I am probably just a sucker for things with simple yet sleek designs.


31 Jan: Happy Chinese New Year! The arrival of the year of Wooden Horse has brought about different posters around town, including one from the Mairie to inform people of different events which are taking place in celebrating the CNY, and this one from a bank to advertise special rate in honour of the CNY. Of course, this is yet another year I’m not celebrating CNY at home. Methinks next year, I should go home and celebrate it with my family. It’s high time to do so.


1 Feb: Have I told you how much I love the food hall of Marks & Spencer in Beaugrenelle? I used to smuggle some of their products back with me from Dublin, but now, 20 minutes walk away, whenever I crave for them, I can get them. Scones, clotted vanilla cream, streaky bacon, elderflower drink, piggy ears, scotch egg, hot cross buns… and oh, self-raising flour!


2 Feb: For all the talk of buying things (seems like a sub-theme of this post), bar a few items for the apartment after our move, I have actually not bought a single thing at the sales for personal use. No new clothes, nor new shoes, nor new bags, nor new accessories. The five-weeks winter sales will soon come to a close (another few days to go) so more final discounts are being offered, although I doubt I will try to rummage for any other bargain. I am not helping the economy to move, am I?

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6 scribbles & notes

  1. Oh I totally agree with you about the lovelocks. I don’t like them at all, particularly on the beautiful bridges in Paris! I dislike them on the same level as tags, no artistic merit at all, and a real plague in France.

    • Lil says:

      I’m going from dislike to hating these locks with a passion, proportionately with the time I live here.

      Speaking of street arts though, I should go and find the latest trend in town. Someone had replaced advertisements with posters of classical and fine arts! Now, that, is something I can support ;)

  2. med says:

    the love lock thing was featured in one of the popular tvb series recently…triumph in the sky II…this would definitely add more locks to the bridge hoohoo

    yah u should…i am sure F will be interested with the local CNY celebration and tradition ;)

    • Lil says:

      Oh dear – that is not good news at all. My uncle mentioned something about some tv series but now that you mention it’s TVB, then the bridges are probably doomed…

      I’m not entirely sure about that. He’s not a big fan of large crowds and noises, not to mention he would have a hard time understanding what’s happening. He’s looking forward to more snorkelling time instead ;)

  3. Caitriona says:

    I love those little cups! I don’t think I would have been able to resist (but we do drink coffee each morning).

    • Lil says:

      Sadly coffee is not quite my best friend – it often gives me butterflies and had me feeling nervous after drinking it…

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