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Pâtisserie Myu Myu

It seems there was a silver lining afterall in finding the Pâtisserie de Choisy closed on a day when I really needed to buy some fresh Asian/Chinese pastries for G’s going-away do the next day. This ex-colleague of mine had just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and was pondering why there aren’t any dessert shop in Paris similar to those I recommended to him. He absolutely adored them.

Myu Myu durian cake

Myu Myu durian millefeuilles

In my attempt to hunt delicious alternatives, I stumbled upon Pâtisserie Myu Myu mere minutes walk away, tucked away in a small street off Avenue de Choisy among residential buildings and would easily go unnoticed. It also doubles up as a salon du thé for those wishing to stay there for a bit.

Despite its rather whimsical name, I immediately spotted things that I never thought I’d find in abundance in Paris. Or maybe I haven’t looked hard enough previously? On the display, a variety of durian goodies (durian!) and other cakes too, along with Hong Kong-style egg tarts (in mini and normal sizes), honey roast pork puffs (this is a common item), century egg puffs (I tested it and must say I’m not too sold on this), plus a variety of biscuits including tambun pneah (which I’ve never seen elsewhere outside of Malaysia, until now) and even fried twisted cookies (which I used to make every pre-Chinese New Year period with my maternal grandmother!).

Myu Myu egg tartlets

I was in a bit of a hurry, so I grabbed a few things to go. Some were for sharing during coffee break at work, others for G – must not forget the purpose of the pastry hunt! – and thought I ought to return at some point to test more things out. I was very tempted to grab a durian-based pastry for home, but pondered how F would take it since what’s fragrant to me might not be perceived quite the same way by his untrained nose. ;)

Myu Myu pork puffs

Myu Myu cookies

I can, however, report that the different variety of biscuits and tarts that I’ve gotten to share with others had been very well-received. The century egg puffs were a bit special so I did not offer it up for tasting. The coconut bites, red bean cookies and mung bean cookies were quickly devoured.

Price-wise, I find them fair and reasonable. Most portion of cookies and tarts go for about €3-4 per pack (closer to €3 really), and individually-sized cakes hit similar price point too. I bought 6 different variety of goodies for less than €20 – very budget-friendly considering how much more I would pay for bites that remind me of home when I get a little homesick.

I do think I need to go back for the durian cakes.

Pâtisserie Myu Myu
17 Rue Philibert Lucot, 75013 Paris
Métro: Maison Blanche, Porte de Choisy
Daily except Sunday, from about 8.30am to 8.00pm.

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  1. med says:

    yes…i think so too on the durian cakes…update when you have tasted them alright hehehe ;)

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