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The joy of raclette

Winter get-together chez Chloé invariably means there would be at least one raclette session, if not another couple of sessions of aligot and mont d’or too. These cheese-filled events are relatively easy to organise, feed a good crowd, and everyone’s always content after that.


What’s fun is that Chloé has a good old fashion raclette apparatus, unlike the more modern contraption/grill that is used to heat up sliced cheese inside some small pans. You don’t get to racler properly with the grill apparatus! (And yes, she even has the specific knives to racler the cheese.)

Without further ado, you may now participate in a virtual raclette with us, photo by photo. Raclette (the cheese) and drinks aside, the table was also ladened with a selection of charcuterie, boiled potatoes, salad and cornichon. Mouse over the photos for captions ;)







As you can see with the apparatus, there are heating elements to be brought close to the surface of the cheese to help it to melt. As more and more round of cheese scraping had progressed, the wedge gets smaller and smaller till it’s all gone. I particularly like the rind of the cheese that becomes caramelised by the heating process – just that bit crunchy and a little sweet.

This is very much a winter activity. We consider the first really cold day in November/ December as the start of the raclette season, and it runs till spring arrives. And as spring approaches, we also like a last hurrah by organising a final session of raclette before the apparatus is put in storage for the next 8-9 months. Tradition like this ought to be maintained. :D

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6 scribbles & notes

  1. Chloé says:

    nice timing ;)
    i hasten to add both the apparatus and the knives were presents. (several years apart and not from the same people.) hehe, my friends know me well? :D

  2. med says:

    woooowwwww…yummy…somehow i missed this post until now it got mentioned in ur FB eh kekeke ;)

  3. med says:

    Oh no wonder hehehe

    • Lil says:

      that’s why i started linking different stuff on fb, because they’ll otherwise get lost! (otherwise, use RSS feed – it’ll show regardless of how i back-date some posts)

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