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Project 365 – Week 5

As I’ve promised previously, back to normal transmission. I’m glad that the days are getting longer, but I’m a tad frustrated too that I’m rather busy at work so by the time I’m out of the office, it’s dark outside. There’s a limit to how far I can go without being home too late for dinner either. I must try harder to get more variations!

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Musée Curie

28 Jan: The first woman to ever receive a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie was an extraordinary scientist. She won not only one, but a second Nobel, and both in different disciplines (Physics and Chemistry). Her former lab has now been transformed into a small museum and it was also here where her daughter and son-in-law made new discovery that went on to win another Nobel Prize for themselves. The museum is open Wednesday to Saturday in the afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. The admission is free. (I must come back when it’s open one of these days!)

Fetish Baba

29 Jan: My friend Miriam was in Paris for a meeting and I could not let her go back without celebrating her birthday! That morning, I nipped over to Pierre Hermé so I can get her a token chocolate birthday cake. However, the stars of the month are the delectable baba au rhum (dubbed Fetish Baba) that come in a variety of flavours, including Ispahan! Frédéric and I tried 2-3 of them last year and loved them. I’d be back for more!


30 Jan: I guess this meant I’ve left work just a wee bit earlier than usual this evening. Still in time to catch the nightfall over Luxembourg Gardens, even if the gates were all closed for the evening. Given how often the days had been grey over the last few weeks, a beautiful dusk like this was a rarity.

Louvre by night

31 Jan: It was a relatively balmy evening that I decided to take a nice leisurely walk from St Michel to Musée d’Orsay, where I was to participate in THATd’Or treasure hunt. Looking at the level of water in River Seine alarmed me a little, as it looked set to spill over the pedestrian path on both sides of the river. Nonetheless, above it all, one of the wings of the Louvre stood so majestically that I could not help but stare dreamily at it.

Vaneau métro station

1 Feb: There is a construction site adjacent to Vaneau métro station for a while now, and with all the boardings etc, I have been dismissing the area in general as “nothing too interesting”. Until I looked up at the entrance to the station this evening. The signage over it was simple and elegant, and just a little further along, into the nook of the wall, was an Egyptian statue that I’ve also somehow missed! I’ll go back for the photo of the statue one day when there’s better lighting, but for now, whoa, I seriously must keep my eyes peeled when walking around this city!

Sunset at Côte Sauvage

2 Feb: Photo of the sea = away from Paris. We were in Brittany again for the weekend and the excursion of the afternoon was a trip to Le Croisic. On our way back though, we passed by the Côte Sauvage and I persuaded Frédéric to make a short stop so we can enjoy the colours of the sunset and the invigorating sea breeze. We didn’t stay for too long, however, as it was extremely windy that day and as we had not expected such condition (we noted only “sunshine!” when looking at the weather forecast) we were not dressed to brave the elements. Brrrrrrr. You wouldn’t have guessed it from this photo, would you?

Birthday cake

3 Feb: Another birthday celebration for the week! Earlier, there was Miriam’s, then there was Elise’s, and actually a few more of friends and family around the world (Li Lian, Sila, Beejay, Vincent G, Hisham) too. Joyeux anniversaire everyone! Now, back to the cake. Always back to the cake, especially when this is no ordinary cake. It’s called armoricain, and very much a specialty in the region from roughly between Nantes and Lorient. Made of almond meringue, buttered praline and cream, it was simple sublime. Crunchy at parts, chewy at others, creamy too, it was party in every mouthful. (Oh I’d like more please…)

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2 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    another interesting week…and on the lab, maybe its good feng shui….u might get a Nobel prize working on something inside there as well hehehe ;)

    its CNY soon lil!

    • Lil says:

      it may be good feng shui but it was also probably high in radioactivity! now that radioactivity is gone, the nobel ju-ju may have disappeared too? ;)

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