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Project 365 – Week 11

This week’s selection of photos is perhaps one of the most eclectic yet. Some day, I have so much to choose from it’s actually hard to figure which to include for this weekly project round-up. Other day, limited option as I shot something on the go quickly. Then of course there were the two days of snow, but I have other non-snowy photos to share for those days, just so you’re not tired of seeing snowy pictures on this blog again.

* * *

Parisian cafe window

11 March: Oooooo hot beverages… After the wonderfully warm Saturday, the weather turned rainy on Sunday evening and cooooold on Monday. Snow had arrived on the northern parts of the country, so it was just a matter of time before it made its way to Ile-de-France. Nothing like a cuppa something warm to keep one going. And at home, I even have a supply of Horlick’s now thanks to a friend who gifted a jar to me.

View from inside of a bus

12 March: The snow fall was still pretty heavy when I left work, and while I made a little detour here and there, I opted to go home with the bus. I was lucky that one of the two bus lines that I usually take was still running. The other has been stopped altogether. I was reviewing the photos when the bus stopped not far from Montparnasse Tower. I seized the opportunity to grab this shot – it felt like a rainy day but instead it was blanket white outside.

Preparing seafood stand

13 March: A little less lucky this morning as nearly all buses were not running. I therefore decided to walk to work. Near Vavin, at a seafood stand, a man was busy scooping ice (yes, on a cold frozen morning) and set up the display for the day. Undoubtedly the shelves would soon be teeming with fish, prawns, oysters and other goodies. Fresh seafood stall like this is not uncommon in Paris, although on such a morning, I do wonder how many people would actually stop by to do a little grocery shopping…

Pouring chocolate over profiteroles

14 March: We spent the morning at the Préfecture for my carte de séjour renewal and were pleased that it went nearly without hitch. (The hitch was just too silly and too embarassing for me to tell.) We decided a celebratory lunch was in order and walked in to Les Bouquinistes for a delicious meal for two. F opted for profiteroles for his dessert, which came with a small jug of beautifully melted chocolate. Yum!

White apple blossom

15 March: I was pondering if the cheery and apply blossoms survived this week’s wintry assaults of low temperature and snowfest, and from this photo, I would say the answer is yes. I would have loved to shot the blossoms with snow over them, but with the Luxembourg Gardens closed (common during alerts of bad weather) I didn’t know where else I should go to search for a blossoming tree or two. I probably could find something if I pay enough attention, but my brain is really like a sieve lately.

Lunch at Bagelstein

16 March: There are bagel bars mushrooming everywhere in Paris in recent months, and between work and home, there are at least three places (in one same arrondissement) I could go for a bagel fix. The question is though, where to get the best one? My friends and I tested out Bagelstein yesterday and gave it a solid thumb-up. The prices were much more reasonable than another bagel place close to home, and the decor here has been set up with a lot of care in the details. I’d happily return at any time.

Four-leaf clover

17 March: It’s St Patrick’s Day and the day has been spent traipsing down the memory lane. And inspired me to set something up for today’s photo. Last year, F went to Ireland for the first time. We were out walking near Howth under really wet condition when we came across this four-leaf clover. We brought it home, and it has been dried between papers since then. I have been thinking of creating a bookmark or something with this little lucky charm. Now, I need to get creative and figure out how best to display the clover, thus to show it off. ;)

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4 scribbles & notes

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh tell us the hitch! I’m intrigued!

    I love those profiteroles, yummy!

    You could make a keyring with the shamrock between two pieces of plastic…

    • Lil says:

      Weeeell, I went to the prefecture with everything, absolutely everything, except my carte de sejour itself. I left it in the scanner at home… >< Keyring is a good idea - must explore this more ;)

  2. med says:

    lovely photo of the blossoms ;) and that’s a great idea by sarah!
    my house keychain is just like that but i guess its a fake one heheheh

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