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Another chapter closed

Happy New Year

I pondered about writing a recap of my 2013, but after a few false starts (text typed, deleted, typed, edited, deleted, typed, deleted again etc), I realised my heart is not in it. How could I? Sitting right next to me is a list of things I have to do in the next 2-3 days, largely because F and I will be moving to a new apartment.

Sometimes, things happened at an incredible speed in Paris. Moving is usually one of them. Mind, apartment-hunting is not. My head is still whirling at the timeline involved: apartment viewing (2 weeks ago), verbal acceptance (a week ago), lease signing (yesterday), inventory visit (this evening), moving day (end of the week). Had we not been away from Paris for the Christmas break, everything could well took place even sooner.

We are rather sad to leave the place we’ve called home for two years. As F put it – ça nous fait un peu mal au cœur de quitter cet appart – but for practical and economic reasons, it makes more sense for us to move than to stay put, even if we can comfortably afford the apartment.

This is the place we’ve found and filled with love and memories, welcomed and hosted friends and family, celebrated birthdays and PACS, had occasional tiffs and then made up, laughed over The Big Bang Theory, debated the merits of Castle, set the table with many home-cooked meals and baked goodies, and so much more.

Now, we’re expected to pack all things up, and there’s a lot of packing to be done. The physical items need to be sorted and organised into boxes and luggages, so just as well the memories have already parcelled themselves up to go wherever we go. I wish I could bring our most lovely building gardienne with us, but alas that is not possible. I’ll just came back and see her from time to time, maybe have tea together or something.

On the positive side of things, we’ll be making a new start for the new year. We have a whole new neighbourhood to explore, although I’m also glad to say that Pierre Hermé is not too far away from us. We will create new memories and welcome people as usual in our new nest, although overnight guests will now not have the luxury of a guestroom. The couch in the living room is still good enough, right?

This rather sudden move does throw a spanner into a couple of things for the blog that I’ve planned for the new year, which I haven’t yet time to revise and readapt. I guess that would have to wait until we settle down again, although please please please let us have internet connection sooner rather than later, so I can get back into routine quickly too.

I’ll leave it here for now. It’s time to head out to our new place so we can do the customary inventory and get the keys.

In the mean time, have tons of fun celebrating the arrival of 2014. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with good health, abundance of wealth, endless supply of love, and of course, all the little bits of excitement to keep things interesting in the coming months!

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  1. wl says:

    congrats on chancing upon an apartment that you like even if everything’s moving at lightning speed during the last week of the year. bon courage for the move ! to good surprises and good health in the year to come !

    • Lil says:

      Merci WL! We’re already meeting some surprises alright, but will be soldiering on. Happy New Year and meet up again soon :)

  2. med says:

    new year new place…..have a great start for 2014 u two ;) blessed year ahead!!!

    • Lil says:

      Still at the old place but after next week, a lot of new things to deal with! Should be interesting to rebuild a new home ;)

  3. Best of luck with the move! :)

  4. Hi there! New follower!…Hope the move went smoothly… sounds like an exciting new near ahead of you!

    • Lil says:

      Hi M – thanks for reading and following. The move went reasonably well and we’re finally done with unpacking! So glad that I can go back to whatever I normally do, instead of fretting about the boxes and bags in the living room/bedroom etc ;)

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