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Project 365 – Week 52

Another round of Project 365 more or less completed, even though we have a couple more days to go to end the year. I’ll put those two photos towards the first week of the next project, so to keep the week running nicely from Monday to Sunday. Still hesitating though over the set up for the new series, and I don’t even have quite as much time as I thought to ponder over it, because F and I are moving to a new apartment and there are tons to do!

* * *

Christmas baubble

23 Dec: While presents that we bought have been safely delivered, they remain unwrapped. Cue: a morning spent covering up gifts with papers that will quickly be shredded into pieces on Christmas day. This glass baubble reminds me of how fragile trees are in our current environment, to be torn down, often without much second thought. I normally do not wrap presents – I’d rather put them in reusable paperbags – but since F’s nieces won’t understand such concept, I make my peace with the wrapping paper use and vow to be more vigiland with my effort to stay green.


24 Dec: We woke up to howling wind and rain patters, and a peek out the window showed just how the crummy elements had gathered overnight. What was normally calm waters in front of my in-law’s had turned into agitated sandy mix. Had the wind be any stronger, the waves would be big enough to surf on. Clearly we’re meant to stay indoors today and be ready for a cosy Christmas festivities in.

Christmas presents

25 Dec: The girls’ presents have been gathered together by the crèche, awaiting for their arrival and therefore the big unwrapping ceremony. At their age, the choices of gift seems to revolve around Barbie, Playmobil and activities/story books. Guess who’s the (boring) person who got books for the girls and think they make wonderful stocking filler? Next year, methinks I ought to find some English books… ;)


26 Dec: Finally, after two days cocooned indoors, the sky was bright and the day sunny. We went out for a short walk in the morning near the house, along the coastal path, and headed a little further to Lavau-sur-Loire for a longer walk in the afternoon. It felt great to stretch our legs, although less so to miscalculate a step and walked straight into a mushy spot. Spotting the rainbow overhead was the bonus of the day.

Birthday cake

27 Dec: We celebrated Christophe’s birthday with another wonderful family meal together (I’ve been seriously well-fed that I’m going to lament about having to cook again next week, once back in Paris), and believe it or not, duly started planning the next big family get-together for a variety of celebrations. Dates have been chosen and marked to calendar so everyone will be present, and those of us travelling from out of town can get our train tickets accordingly too. Should be tons of fun!

Photo holder

28 Dec: These little festive photo holders were definitely not here when I went about the house, photograhing the Christmas decorations for one of my recent blog posts. I had no idea either when they actually made an appearance in the first place. If I had noticed them, I would have printed some photos that we’ve taken of the family and got them clipped to these holders. We’ve managed to get some really nice candid ones!


29 Dec: First day back in Paris and already out and about! I was invited to go on a Paris movie tour, where we see Paris through filming locations etc. We had a little stopover at the church of St Etienne-du-Mont, of which steps were made famous in the movie Midnight in Paris, for this was the spot where Gil was picked up to party with Hemingway and friends each time when this particular clock chimed at midnight.

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  1. med says:

    last one for the year and lovely x5 rainbow shot lil!!!

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