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Sunsets of Cinque Terre

The perk of spending a couple of nights in Cinque Terre: F and I caught beautiful sunsets on both balmy Italian evenings in quaint villages, feeling lighter and happier than usual. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get more idyllic than this.

At Vernazza, we combined sunset watching with cocktail and dinner high above the village, at a terraced restaurant. The experience was mostly undocumented as my camera battery died and I’ve left the spare in our room. The next evening in Riomaggiore, we went back to basic and bought fresh pasta-to-go and sat by the port to eat. We also added a cone of gelati as dessert, all the while observing people came and went in their (row) boats.

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

Sunset in Cinque Terre

The clouds were dancing in the sky, with streaks of colour trying to outshine one another. The fireball dipped slowly in the horizon, adding its own magic so the day could proudly take a final bow before handing the torch over to the night. I leaned on F, awashed with contentment, and we shared the moments without too many words. We didn’t need them.

In any case, words would have failed me. Like the present. Looking at these photos bring back waves of memory that I’d love to cling on for as long as I could. I may not be able to describe these evenings eloquently, but perhaps these images would give you a taste of what I currently miss…

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6 scribbles & notes

  1. helene says:

    Un endroit magique, d’après ton récit et tes très belles photos! J’espère y aller un jour!

    • Lil says:

      Oui, on a l’adoré – absolumment à visiter! C’est terrible – F n’a pas encore envoyé les photos à la famille…

  2. medca says:

    Bueatiiifuullllll ;)

  3. sila says:

    brilliant flash is my fav shot of these. all are gorgeous sunsets. no wonder you miss this place :)

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