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What can I do in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is located just across the border from Shenzhen. It was also the perfect location for me to recharge after a very intense work period: I could visit SL who lives in Hong Kong (ahem, mooch a free bed for the trip), satisfy my craving for great Asian food (dim sum!), and sightsee a little in a region that I know very little about.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The trouble was, I did not have much time to research what I could do in Hong Kong either. Before leaving, WL helped identify a few key things to, and once in Hong Kong, I am grateful for SL who came to my rescue. She made a list of places we must eat in, suggested places to visit, and even took time off work to play guide a couple of the days. If you know how preciously few paid holidays there are in Asia, you know how significant such an effort is. She is the hostess with the mostest!

Looking through the random pieces of articles I printed off and the brochures that SL collected for me, I made up a list of “Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong”, although I did end up doing a lot more!

1. Dim sum and desserts – are you really surprised that food features top of the list? ;)

Hong Kong

2. Star Ferry and trams – one cannot come to Hong Kong and not take each at least once!

Hong Kong

3. The (Victoria) Peak – a good spot for vantage view of the modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong

4. Hong Kong Park – the urban jungle among the concretes

Hong Kong

5. Ngong Ping 360 – aka cable car ride to visit the Tian Tan “Giant” Buddha

Hong Kong

6. Symphony of Lights – daily light show involving the skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

7. Bustling markets – among them, Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market

Hong Kong

8. Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden – zen against the rat race

Hong Kong

9. Wong Tai Sin Temple – the most famous temple in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong

10. Tai O fishing village – a stark contrast against the modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I wavered about going to Macao on a daytrip, but after work wrapped up, I caught a cold (typical, isn’t it, to be sick at the start of holiday?) and felt it would have been far more sensible to stay put and get some proper rest instead. It was a good call, as I made use of the time to see more of Hong Kong.

More detailed posts coming right up!

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4 scribbles & notes

  1. Bee Ean says:

    I’m so envy! I have been wanted to go visit Hong Kong, but haven’t got the chance yet.
    Did you go with Frédéric? I wonder if he would prefer island/nature/tropical jungles than big cities?

    • Lil says:

      I was in Shenzhen for work and took direct Paris-Hong Kong flights, so I decided to take advantage of it and stuck around for a few more days in Hong Kong to sightsee.

      F didn’t come along, since it’d be a very long journey for a short trip. He’s more of a nature person, so the modern skyscraper-filled Hong Kong would not have been his cuppa tea. On the other hand, had he came, he would had had fun discovering the greener and natural side of Hong Kong.

  2. med says:

    Good top ten list and wow u did them all? I have been to HK twice and done most of it except for item 8 and 10 kekeke. We did go to the Ocean Park and also Lantau Island i think ;)

    Food was great!!!!

    • Lil says:

      Yeah, despite having cold, it was a busy visiting trip :D

      Mind, no Ocean Park nor Disneyland for me, so that saved plenty of time to do something else.

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